Maxi Designs ~ Handmade

Maxi Designs ~ Handmade

I have a passion not only for writing, but for designing and creating items by hand. I'm professional trained as an Interior designer FdA with Distinction. My other strengths are in the needle work area, which I'm fine tuning with a seamstress course at present. But I also like working with beads, Jewellery making, drawing, and in I love particularly making my own gifts.

Anyone who knows me personally, will know that I've always got a design project of some sort in the making!

And for the first time, I'm going to share some of these projects with you..... it's very nerve raking, because it's quite a personal thing, an item you've made by your own hand. But I hope you enjoy seeing them, half as much as, I've enjoyed making them!

I thought also, I would do some design mood boards too. Of styles, designs or even unusual designs or items, which have inspired me. And maybe they will inspire you along the way too...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Embroidery Machine, my new toy!

Embroidery Machine

Brother Laura Ashley Embroidery, Sewing, and Quilting Machine.

An embroidery machine, is something, I've been saving up for, for a long time.  They are not cheap sadly, but wow, am I having so much fun creating new, and wonderful things with it now.  The day my new toy finally arrived, was one heck of an exciting day.  I waited in all day, although I did have a 2 hour delivery slot, but I just didn't want to risk missing the delivery.  You see, I'd waited such a long time for one of these, wonderful, and oh so useful machines.  Both of my kids where home that day too (school holidays), so we all unpacked this huge box, which I couldn't even move from just inside the front door. 

This Brother machine, isn't just an embroidery machine, it also does general sewing, decorative stitches, and a quilting machine too. 

I don't have the extension quilting table yet, that's an add on... maybe someone will buy it for me for christmas... hint, hint! lol But the hoops, and other accessories all come complete with the machine. 

Now can you see why I've been saving for so long, and so excited about my new toy! 

And as you can see, my new toy was fired up and working, before all the unpacking was complete! lol

I was worried it would be really complicated to use, or even get used to... I'm not normally a big fan of sewing machines, hence why I had a half size one before.  But thankfully it so simple to use, it even beeps at you if you've forgotten to do, or select something.  In the above picture you can see, it tells you which foot to use for this pattern.  Although foot W is actually an embroidery foot anyway. Then the total number of stitches in the pattern, in this case 4060, how long it will take 7 min, and also, the number of colour changes, and colours.  

And there you go, the finished embroidery rose. 

And the funs, only just started.....

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