Maxi Designs ~ Handmade

Maxi Designs ~ Handmade

I have a passion not only for writing, but for designing and creating items by hand. I'm professional trained as an Interior designer FdA with Distinction. My other strengths are in the needle work area, which I'm fine tuning with a seamstress course at present. But I also like working with beads, Jewellery making, drawing, and in I love particularly making my own gifts.

Anyone who knows me personally, will know that I've always got a design project of some sort in the making!

And for the first time, I'm going to share some of these projects with you..... it's very nerve raking, because it's quite a personal thing, an item you've made by your own hand. But I hope you enjoy seeing them, half as much as, I've enjoyed making them!

I thought also, I would do some design mood boards too. Of styles, designs or even unusual designs or items, which have inspired me. And maybe they will inspire you along the way too...

Monday, 29 September 2014

Get Well Gift Hamper, or excellent idea for a Christmas Gift.

Get Well Gift Hamper
Excellent idea for a Christmas Gift.

Handmade by Maxi Designs, Romance Author Maxi Shelton. 

I thought with Christmas quickly heading our way.  I'd share with you a Get Well Hamper, I made for a dear friend of mine, a little while back.  I thought maybe it would help give you ideas for Christmas gifts.  Personally the shopping, and whole making of the hamper, is thoroughly enjoyable, and really so simple to put together.  

Do you have that family member, or friend, you just have no idea what to buy each year...?  Then why not put together, a personal basket, or box, of edible goodies, with maybe a selection of smaller gifts, and treats!  

It's a winner every time!


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